Reiki Energy Healing- How Does it Work?

What is Reiki?

Reiki is an ancient Japanese type of energy healing which was brought to the United States by a man named Dr. Usui. Around the late 1800’s he developed the type of Reiki I practice, Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki.

A Reiki practitioner must first receive what is called an attunement. This is a process involving symbols in which a Reiki Master opens the other person up to receive the flow of Rei (Universal) Ki (energy). Once this is done, they may transfer Reiki to themselves and others.

Reiki is a high vibrational energy, one might call Source, God, Creator, or Universal Life Energy. It allows the recipient’s body to return to a state of balance in which it may heal itself. The Reiki practitioner only acts as a channel, as the Reiki flows through their crown chakra on the top of their head, down through the heart chakra, and out their hands.

What is it like to receive Reiki?
Each practitioner and receiver experience Reiki differently. Every session may be unique, and sometimes the effects can be very subtle, or sometimes very noticeable. Often, people notice that my hands become very hot during the Reiki session. This is common among people who give Reiki, but not necessary for it to work. I have also heard of people feeling a coldness during their session. Sometimes people feel like my hands are moving when I place them on their body, when in fact, I have been resting them perfectly still the whole time. This is just the sensation some get from the intense energy flowing at that place. Some people see colors (usually with eyes closed), which may or may not correspond to colors I send to their body with intention. Colors can be helpful during Reiki, since they are also a form of vibration. Sometimes one might see colors when the chakras (energy centers on the body) are clearing, since each one corresponds to a different color.

A Reiki session begins with the recipient laying on their back. I begin by scanning their aura with my hand to feel for any areas that might have blocked energy. Those areas get some extra Reiki attention. Then I start by laying my hands on or above the person’s body at the head, and slowly work my way down towards the feet. Sometimes the recipient falls asleep, even as soon as 5 or 10 minutes into the session. It’s that relaxing! Snoring is quite common. =)

Then I have the recipient turn over onto their stomach. I continue by starting on the back side of the head and work my way down to the feet again. At the end I smooth out the energy of the whole body, and then the session is over. This usually takes an hour altogether, but can be done more quickly or slowly depending on what the individual needs.

Most of the time it takes the recipient a while to come back from the deeply relaxed state they have entered during their Reiki session. They often seem somewhat spacey for a few minutes. This can be compared to how one might feel after a long massage.

Why is Reiki good for you?
Reiki can be beneficial in many different ways. Again, it is different for each unique person. Some effects may be pain reduction, relaxation, stress relief, peace, well-being, focus, clarity, creativity, and emotional release.

Every mental, emotional, physical and psychological problem has its roots in a blockage of the body’s energy flow. Reiki helps to free these blockages, thereby helping to solve any type of problem one might encounter. The human body was equipped with everything it needs in order to maintain homeostasis, keeping you healthy. It is our job to learn how to treat it with respect, feed it the right nourishing foods, and give it the love and attention it requires. When these pieces are all in place, no disease or illness can take hold. Reiki can help get you back on track. Stress is a main factor in weakening the body which makes it vulnerable to problems. Reiki eliminates this stress so that you can feel healthy and centered.

How does distance Reiki work?
Reiki is great because it can be done in-person or over distances.
“How can energy transfer to someone miles and miles away from another person?” you might ask. If you know anything about the concepts of quantum physics, you will understand that matter behaves differently as soon as someone begins to observe it. The observer influences the behavior of particles, simply through the act of observing.

Similarly, energy responds to the intention of people. Therefore, Reiki can be sent to the past, the future, or to someone located somewhere far away just by intending for it to do so. The recipient will usually ask for the Reiki to be sent, and the practitioner then uses ancient symbols, like the ones used in the attunement, to transfer this high, loving energy. It is best for the recipient to be aware of when the session will take place, so they may remain relaxed for the duration of it. Reiki will never go to anyone who does not want or need it. Most practitioners also know to ask for permission before sending Reiki. It is always to be used for the highest good of all involved.

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