• “After one Reiki session with Natural Frequency Wellness I can say that it was 10359536_690634337668256_1739889479303336915_na remarkably positive experience.  Margot is a Master Reiki Practitioner and her sessions are professional, enjoyable, relaxing and beneficial.  I felt like a spiritual and physical healing process was underway after the session.  She added some information on spiritual, herbal and other holistic healing as a bonus.  I am very satisfied with my experience.” -T.F., Corvallis, OR
  • “I always look forward to receiving Reiki from Margot.  She’s the BEST Reiki practitioner I’ve ever encountered.  I highly recommend her to anyone wanting to relax, to feel better after injury, or to just feel nurtured.  After several chiropractic adjustments for a locked s.i. joint, I saw Margot for Reiki.  During the session, about the mid-point, I jerked (like when you’re falling asleep) and felt my joint clunk into place.  For the next 24 hours I was pain-free.  Discomfort did return later, but I could tell my Margot session was a turning point in healing my injury.”  -V.W., Licensed Massage Therapist, Eugene, OR
  • “Although Margot doesn’t actually touch me, as soon as her hands get near me I can feel the energy pouring forth from them. That’s a good indication that she’s tuned in and is transmitting Reiki energy. I find Margot to be dedicated to being of service.” -G.T., Certified Hypnotherapist, Eugene, OR
  • “Margot is the most powerful Reiki energy conductor I’ve ever experienced.  Her energy comes very clean, clear and neutral.  I can tell that she CYMERA_20150224_164848keeps herself open while healing, making sure not to filter the energy through her own beliefs or issues.  The energy she channels comes straight from Unconditional Love.” -S.Y., Vitamin Store Owner, Montrose, CA
  • “I thoroughly enjoyed my Reiki treatment with Margot. I have had fibromyalgia for a number of years and experience many different types of physical tension and discomfort. By the end of my session with Margot I felt that a deep healing sense of peace had been instilled into every cell of my body.  Over the years I have had one side of my body which has been tighter than the other and has resulted in one leg chronically being shorter than the other. I felt this tension disappear and my right leg get longer toward the end of the session. The headache which I had before the session totally disappeared by the end of the session. Thank you, Margot!”   -B.M., Speech Therapist, San Pedro, CA
  • “I thought the Reiki was incredible. Margot has amazing healing hands. I highly recommend this healing technique. It’s more precise of a technique than massage, I think, in a lot of ways, and incredibly relaxing. But the most amazing part is how much you feel the energy. Heat emanates from her hands like little heaters. I’ve never experienced anything like it. Thank you, Margot, for introducing me to this amazing style of healing.” -R.B., Los Feliz, CA
  • “This is a most effective means of recalibrating one’s energies, both physical and emotional. I highly recommend Margot’s healing abilities.” -D.K., Los Feliz, CA
  • “The session was subtle and energetically re-connecting. I will recommend.” – A.S., Artist, Los Feliz, CA
  • “Margot gave me a one hour Reiki session this morning and she was excellent not only in her knowledge of the Reiki modality, but she was very intuitive, sensitive and gifted. I went to such a depth of relaxation that I fell asleep! I highly recommend her as a Reiki practitioner and healer. Her work was excellent.” -C.P., Reiki Master, Los Feliz, CA
  • “I’ve tried Margot’s session and I’m now totally revved with newfound energy. It’s perfect if you have highly built-up stress going on in your life from work or family. I’m now in peaceful harmony.” -C.L., Northridge, CA
  • “The feeling… oh the feeling was good! Very relaxing, You feel one with the environment. Good job! It works!” – O.C., Hollywood, CA
  • “The 60-Minute Reiki session Margot gave me transported me into a deep and healing relaxation. This is a great way to reduce stress and remove energy blockages.” -A.R., Artist, Rancho Palos Verdes, CA
  • “I felt a sudden relaxation in my back and throughout my body.” -O.A., Pasadena, CA
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